£400,000 R&D tax credits for tech companies in one week

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We are thrilled to have helped three UK technology companies secure R&D tax credit cash payments totalling £408,000 in the space of one week!

We are used to helping companies secure similar results but it is extra special when we can celebrate three such successes in the space of a few days. All three claims were agreed without query by HM Revenue & Customs which continues our 100% success record.

One of the claims was extra special in that a chance discussion with the CEO identified that he had incorrectly assumed that the company did not qualify based on its structure and the nature of its activities. Within 10 minutes, we helped identify why and how his assumptions might not be correct and brought about our considerable experience to explain how the company might qualify for SME R&D tax relief. Further, there was less than a week to go before the timeframe for making a claim would close! We worked quickly and closely with the company to pull together a robust technical report along with the claim calculations to justify the eligibility of the platform development work in line with the R&D tax legislation. The claim was filed on time.

Fast forward 21 days and the company received over £100,000 in cash from HMRC wired directly to their bank account!

The other two tech companies based in Manchester and London received R&D tax credit cash payments of £174,000 and £107,000 each within 28 days.

So don’t leave it to chance – call us for a 10-15 min conversation to explore whether you might have a R&D tax credit claim. With average claims in excess of £100,000 for these three companies, it would be a shame to miss out…!