Ambitious Entrepreneurial Journey

Starting and growing a business can be tough

Fortunately, there are UK tax incentives available that are designed to help you at each stage of your business’s growth – the problem is that many entrepreneurs are unaware of them

This is where we step in – and make you smile

Starting a Company?

You may need investment to make your idea become a reality

But how will you encourage investors and business angels to invest in your company?

Aimed at early stage startup companies, you could secure your first £150,000 of investment under SEIS attracting generous tax reliefs for your investors and therefore potentially maximum investment for you

For ambitious companies that want to accelerate growth, the EIS relief is a welcome tax incentive for investors and founders alike as it offers increased investment amounts and generous tax reliefs

Developing a product or service?

You might have secured investment funding – now it’s time to develop your product or service. Cash can run out quick (especially if you are pre-revenue)

R&D tax credits can help you recover up to 33% of your costs spent on developing new or improved products or services

It is one of the single best sources of funding for ambitious innovative fast-growth SMEs

Learn more with our ultimate guide to R&D tax credits

Seeking Worldwide Sales of your IP?

Having developed your new or improved product or service, you may have secured the intellectual property with a patent

Wouldn’t it be good if there was a tax incentive to support you now that you are beyond the development phase (having claimed R&D tax credits)?

The Patent Box provides a reduced rate of company tax at 10% on worldwide profits generated from products containing the patented invention

The Patent Box is designed to work alongside the R&D tax credit relief