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Legal issues to consider in closing a funding round

Jonathan Lea, Corporate and Commercial Solicitor, joins us in this latest edition of the Fast Growth Business podcast to discuss legal issues to be considered by founders when raising equity investment funding.

In this conversation, we discuss common issues for founder entrepreneurs including:

  • the typical documents that most investors will expect to see when considering investing in the shares of your startup company
  • how to manage timing differences in investments and exchanges of legal documents by investors
  • the potential impact on SEIS / EIS and how this can be mitigated
  • how to secure your company against potential shareholder fall-outs further down the line…

Jonathan is an experienced lawyer in the startup and fast growth business scene with clients across the UK.

We are thankful to Jonathan for his input and insight and hope you derive value from this conversation.

You can find Jonathan here.

Richard Harrison, Inovaris discusses UK SME grants |Horizon2020 | Business Support Services

Fast Growth BusinesssWe are delighted to bring you this third episode of the Fast Growth Business podcast! In this show we introduce Richard Harrison, Director of innovation consultants, Inovaris, who sets out some useful ideas and tips for founders and entrepreneurs on navigating the (often confusing!) world of grants. He also gives us his thoughts on recent (quite abrupt) cut-backs to business support services such as the Business Growth Service following the Autumn Statement.

Our Resource of the Week is ScheduleOnce – this web application is great for those occasions when you’re trying to identify a mutually convenient time for a meeting or call and despite a series of back and forth email suggestions….nothing quite works for you both. Well ScheduleOnce comes to the rescue as you can email a link from this service that interacts with your calendar to serve up dates and times that work for you. The recipient can then simply choose which suggested slot works for them. It’s early days for us in testing this but early indications are positive. Maybe this could work for you too?

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In this interview with Richard Harrison we discuss:

  • Horizon 2020 – the sorts of challenges involved plus which organisations it typically suits
  • Typical time-frames for grant applications and processes
  • Alternative UK grants to Horizon2020 – might be preferable for many SMEs
  • Getting over the ‘matched funding’ restrictions using salary costs for certain grants
  • Problems inherent in navigating availability and suitability of grant funding (without expert help…)
  • Closure of the Business Growth Service – impact on Growth Accelerator, Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) etc and what this might mean both now and in the near future…

Thanks again to Richard for his time and input – Richard is contactable at Inovaris or on Linkedin.

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We hope you enjoy this edition of the Fast Growth Business Podcast:

Talking Crowdfunding | CrowdRating | SEIS / EIS with Modwenna Rees-Mogg

We are delighted to welcome Modwenna Rees-Mogg to this second edition of the Fast Growth Business podcast. Modwenna is the founder of Angel News and a prominent figure in the world of equity funding for private companies in the UK.

You can listen here:

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In this conversation we discuss Modwenna’s views on:

  • Making the shift from corporate financier to entrepreneur with the launch of the Angel News newsletter – now sent out to 18,000+ subscribers
  • The crowdfunding landscape and how this has shaped since she launched her book on this area (launched ahead of the curve!)
  • What sort of business is best suited to crowdfunding
  • Opportunities and pitfalls offered by the new crowdfunding platforms for entrepreneurs
  • The growth in popularity of SEIS and EIS tax breaks (although why this is rarely the prime motivator for private investors)
  • Why entrepreneurs should worry less about sharing their ideas on crowdfunding platforms
  • How most founders’ early stage potential investors might be closer than they think….
  • How the launch of her latest venture, CrowdRating, might be just the answer for many founders who would like to ensure that their crowdfunding campaign gets off to the best possible start!

Many thanks again to Modwenna for sharing her time and insights with us for this podcast – you can reach out to Modwenna via her latest venture CrowdRating or at Angel News or on Twitter.

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We also feature our useful Resource of the Week: Rapportive. This is a useful Gmail extension that brings your social media connections, such as Linkedin, directly into your Gmail inbox to help you keep in touch. Great for keeping in touch with existing contacts and for reaching out to potential new connections (investors…?!).

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Fast Growth Business Podcast: Richard Mills, CEO Sleepcogni launched via Kickstarter

We are delighted to announce the release of the Fast Growth Business Podcast – the podcast aimed at entrepreneurs and founders including real-life case studies from fellow entrepreneurs who are busy building their business (fast!) and from advisors within the business community who can provide helpful advice and assistance.

In this first show, we introduce Richard Mills, CEO of Sleepcogni who shares his story on his approach to launching his latest business venture – a revolutionary bedside sleep device. Richard discusses why he chose Kickstarter to launch his fund-raising and how this can be a good mix with SEIS investment to secure the tax efficient funding whilst testing market validation.

We also share our Resource of the Week:

Access company financial information e.g. financial accounts, for free using Companies House new beta service offering. You used to have to pay to access this information but now it is freely available. Perfect to keep an eye on customers, suppliers and, of course, competitors!

You can access it here:

We hope you enjoy this first show!

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