How do I make a claim for R&D tax credit relief?

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You make a claim for Research and Development tax relief via your company’s corporation tax return (CT600). Your company is required to file a CT600 and supporting tax computation after each accounting period. The R&D tax credit claim slots into this return.

Our detailed R&D report and suppporting calculations is filed with your relevant HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) dedicated R&D Unit immediately after the CT600 has been electronically filed by your accountants.

Your CT600 company tax return is not actually due to be filed with HMRC until 12 months after the accounting period end – however, most companies are eager to get their R&D tax credit cash payment or at least have some certainty in the run up to their corporation tax payment date (9 months and one day after the period end).

So for a company with an accounting period end of say 31 December 2014, the due dates are as follows:

  • statutory accounts due to be filed with Companies House – 30 September 2015
  • corporation tax payment due – 1 October 2015
  • CT600 corporation tax return and supporting tax computation due – 31 December 2015

We often work alongside your accountants to help accelerate the preparation of the statutory accounts and company tax return in order to speed up the R&D tax claim process. This also has the added benefit of allowing us to advise and identify qualifying spend for R&D purposes in realtime before the returns are finalised.