How to apply for HMRC advance assurance for SEIS / EIS

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Here is an updated short video on how to find HM Revenue & Customs’ designated form for applying for advance assurance that your company is a qualifying company for the purposes of raising funding under SEIS or EIS (or both).

You can find the HMRC form here.

Many companies prefer us to take care of the process for them from:

  • checking the proposed share allocations and share capital
  • reviewing the Articles and / or shareholders agreement for any potential issues
  • completing the advance assurance application form – EIS/SEIS(AA)
  • drafting an accompanying letter to the form EIS/SEIS(AA) where there are unusual factors or if we require clarification on potential points
  • tracking the application through HMRC
  • assisting management in the issue and timing of shares under SEIS / EIS
  • applying for tax certificates from HMRC (Forms SEIS1 / EIS1) in order that the investors can claim the tax reliefs

Let us know if we can help you.