R&D Tax Credits Scheme – Don’t miss out!

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Statistics from HM Revenue & Customs show that fewer than 1% of UK companies make a claim under the UK’s favourable R&D tax incentive scheme.

There may be a number of reasons for this such as:

  • insufficient advancements in science and technology being undertaken by companies. Little or no technical uncertainties being solved (or seeking to be solved). 99% of UK companies applying routine knowledge to achieve their competitive advantage¬†[HIGHLY DOUBTFUL]
  • lack of awareness [LIKELY]
  • “aware of it but don’t think it applies to my business”¬†[VERY LIKELY]

We urge you to take a second look at the R&D tax scheme as it could benefit your business plus Рwith average claims currently running at £40,000+ Рyou would kick yourself if you missed it.

The time is ticking on potential R&D claims for your company as retrospective claims are restricted to those accounting periods ending in the past two years.

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