R&D Tax Credits

The UK R&D tax credits incentive is one of the most generous tax reliefs currently available in the UK

It is a vital source of funding for many companies from startups to fast growth companies and international groups.

We can help you navigate how this tax relief might help release cash into your business and potentially become an important source of funding year on year to help grow your business


What are R&D Tax Credits?


The R&D tax credits relief is a UK Government tax incentive designed to encourage UK companies to seek to innovate in their sector through the development of new products/services or by seeking to improve existing products or services

It is a Corporation Tax relief and is administered by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) via the Corporation Tax Self Assessment process

HMRC has specialist R&D Tax Units that deal with R&D tax relief claims

Learn More About R&D Tax Credits

Visit our ever-growing database of useful guides and information to learn more about the UK R&D Tax Relief

R&D Tax Credits: What is the definition of R&D?

The first important point to note about the UK R&D Tax Credits incentive is its breadth of scope

It can apply to any company in any sector so long as your company is seeking to:

  • develop a new product, process or service, or
  • improve or modify a product, process or service that's already out there in the marketplace

You can consider development projects that were carried out in financial accounting periods ended in the past two years


Our R&D Tax Credit Claim Process - Claims made easy

Discovery Call

Step 1: Initial Free Discovery Call

A short discovery call to discuss your company's activities and to give you an idea of the potential qualifying nature of your work

We won't waste your time - if we don't think your activities qualify for this relief based on our extensive experience, we'll let you know

R&D   Meeting

Step 2: R&D Technical Meeting

A meeting with you (and/or your technical team) to discuss all of the qualifying projects that the company undertook over the past two accounting periods

From this meeting, we will collate the necessary technical and financial information to commence our detailed work on compiling the R&D tax claim

R&D Claim Preparation

Step 3: R&D Claim Preparation

We will prepare the detailed technical report and supporting claim calculations in a format that HMRC prefer

We take care of all the prep work so that you can get on with running your business

Prepare for Submission

Step 4: Finalisation of the Claim

We will agree on the final version of the report and claim calculations

We will share the claim figures with your accountants for inclusion in the (amended) company tax return(s). Or we can prepare amended returns for you

Filing Claim with HMRC

Step 5: Filing of the R&D Claim with HMRC

We will ensure that your R&D tax claim is filed with the specialist HMRC R&D Unit and will track it through to agreement

HMRC normally process R&D tax claims within 4-6 weeks resulting in the cash being transferred to your bank account - only at this stage do you pay us our pre-agreed fee


We had a hard time claiming R&D tax credits since we were a company with a very niche and specific trade. Before meeting ip tax solutions, we tried to work with a few other R&D specialists but none of them managed to help us. None of them understood what we do, therefore, none of them managed to create a compelling and comprehensive claim even though they were all working in the tech/digital industry

Peter Istrate Director & Founder At Moxels

Learn More About R&D Tax Credits

Visit our ever-growing database of useful guides and information to learn more about the UK R&D Tax Relief

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