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Boost your funding

Secure income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax on investment from your investors - savings for them could mean more cash for you - we can help you as much as or as little as you would like

Get Advance Assurance

It's a good idea to secure formal Advance Assurance from HMRC that your company and its proposed investment will qualify for SEIS and/or EIS

Advisory Support

Although both SEIS and EIS are aimed at early stage companies, it is a shame that the rules are complex and can trip up the unwary. Many Founders prefer to have the comfort of some hand-holding throughout the process - or some initial advice upfront

Advance Assurance

Many investors will insist on evidence that you have secured formal Advance Assurance from HM Revenue & Customs that you are a qualifying company for the purposes of issuing shares under SEIS and/or EIS 


We will review your proposed capital structure, business plan and share allocation and advise on any issues that we foresee prior to applying


We will prepare your advance application on your behalf including a covering letter tackling upfront any issues that might become a problem


We will deal with any queries from HMRC and handle any complex technical queries, freeing you up to run your business

Securing tax certificates for investors

Even after jumping through all of the hoops of securing advance assurance from HMRC (not mandatory, but well advised), issuing shares correctly to the investors and filing the relevant documents, the fun’s not over yet…

You need to secure the SEIS / EIS tax certificates from HMRC before the investors are able to claim the tax relief 


We will review the share capital table to identify who should be claiming the relevant tax reliefs

Prepare FORMS SEIS1 / EIS1

We will prepare and file the relevant formal forms SEIS1 and/or EIS1 as appropriate


We will deal with any queries from HMRC and handle any complex technical queries

Advisory / "Hand-holding"

Some founders have been through the whole fund-raising ‘experience’ before and so just want an extra  pair of hands to ensure that all of the paperwork is prepared and filed correctly. Others may prefer to have an expert on hand who can spot problems before they hit and to ask “silly questions” (tip: there are none in the field of SEIS/EIS or tax in general for that matter!)

Either scenario can work for us 


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SEIS Briefing Paper

A few clients and contacts have asked us for a short briefing paper outlining the key points related to the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). Although not intended to be an exhaustive list of all of the relevant points, this SEIS one-pager summary of the key points may be useful for entrepreneurs and business angel investors alike. Please let us know if you have any specific queries. We would be delighted to help.

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