SEIS / EIS Tax Guide for Founders (Audio)

Informal sessions with an experienced tax advisor and Chartered Accountant who walks you through key areas for you to consider if you are seeking funding under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) or the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Packed with insights and practical tips

SEIS / EIS Tax Guide for Founders (Audio)

We often find that founders and entrepreneurs lack the knowledge of exactly what questions to ask or consider before pursuing advance assurance for SEIS and/or EIS from HMRC - this is understandable given that these reliefs are highly complex in areas.

This audio series is structured as if we are meeting up over a coffee to discuss the common areas where the majority of founders get stuck (or caught out). You will be led by Steve Livingston, Chartered Accountant and experienced S-EIS advisor, on the key areas and questions to consider on your funding journey.

For some with more straightforward affairs, this may be all you need to successfully apply for your advance assurance from HMRC whilst for others, it may flag areas that you need to iron-out (potentially saving you countless hours and £s in the process).

Please note that this audio series is intended as a high level primer for entrepreneurs who are considering SEIS / EIS tax reliefs and is not a substitute for specific professional advice especially where your affairs may be more complex.

Here is the first session as a 'taster' of what's to come in this audio series:

What you will get

  • Vital questions to consider before approaching HMRC for advance assurance
  • Steps to ensure that you minimise the time and admin to secure advance approval from HMRC
  • Common areas where applications to HMRC can go wrong (and how to avoid them)
  • Factors to consider after you secure advance assurance from HMRC

This audio series will be accessible via an app (for iOS and Android) so that you can listen to it on-the-go.

You will receive access instructions via email once you have signed up.