R&D Tax Credits

The Government wants to help subsidise your investment into the design, development or improvement of your products and services under the UK enhanced R&D tax relief scheme

This is potentially the single most generous source of funding available for SMEs in the UK today!

You could receive in excess of 30% of your investment back under the R&D tax credit scheme.

Average R&D tax savings are £40,000+ yet few companies are aware of it – normally because they (often wrongly) think it doesn’t apply to them

Patent Box

The Patent Box offers a reduced rate of company tax on worldwide profits of companies that hold qualifying patents

This relatively new UK tax relief can reduce the corporation tax that a company might otherwise pay by more than 50%

Does your company hold any patents or do you have any patents pending?

If so, please get in touch to explore how your company might benefit from these year on year – potentially sizeable tax savings – under the Government’s Patent Box tax incentive scheme


Getting your company investor-ready is key to enticing business angels and ensuring that you can secure the maximum funding whilst parting with the minimum amount of share equity

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) offer attractive tax breaks for potential equity investors but the rules can be complex for busy entrepreneurs to navigate!

We can provide initial advice on structuring the shares to comply with the SEIS / EIS rules; secure valuable advance assurance from HMRC that your company qualifies and ensure that your investors get the tax certificates they will need to be able to claim the tax breaks

Are you maximising your claim for tax relief under these Government tax incentives?

We are successfully helping companies like you across the UK

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